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Category Hardware
Created 2017-08-25
Owner nikesasasassa
Title classic imitation VCA white ring How much it?
Description Murders Done In Cold Blood

Joran van der Sloot Soul : Murders Done In Cold Blood

Murder is usually a crime of passion, that is, at a murder scene, police usually suspect a family member, a lover or a spouse as a likely perpetrator first before any crime scene critical analysis comes in to play. or patterns as they travel from state to state.

A big, friendly, helpful smile, or a helpful assist from a total stranger is the last thing you ever see and you never see it coming.

These people are called serial killer psychopaths .

Joran van der Sloot is such a psychopath.

These killer psychopaths and serial simply means successful travel from fake van cleef necklace state to state blithely killing random people, leaving corpses on roadsides the way we leave cigarette butts, without a single afterthought van cleef alhambra diamond necklace imitation .

These "psychopaths" can ask their consciences to sit in the corner like a well trained German Shepard.

Such people are actually Dark Entity humans.

Unlike most people, such Dark Entities do not return back to Heaven, our true dimension, when they die, but are instead through another directly back into another human fetus copy van cleef and arpels necklace to quickly reenter our world again.

When OBY/GYN doctors see these babies in delivery rooms with their fists balled, their faces screwed red with rage, screaming, they often say,"I feel sorry for this one parents!"

Unlike most of us, who spend considerable time inbetween lifetimes, and who have garnered spirit helpers and spirit guides to carefully prepare us for each arduous successive incarnation, they in contrast enter into this harsh world without a written without spirit helpers and without any protecting angels.

These dark souls do indeed either end up soon dead, or in jail, or addicted to heroin, or become amoral gangsters, or rapists, or as serial murderers.

They may come into this world as one teacher, one child, one husband, or a stranger who appears in one life.

As people in our lives, they spend their lives hurting a long series of innocent unsuspecting people.
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